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Target Practice: Deer, Dogs…and Blacks

Editorial cartoon by Nick Anderson.

A recent news story of a Detroit cop who shot a family dog in its own fenced yard sparked some old, unpleasant memories. Cops are notoriously known for shooting dogs, even friendly ones who’ve done nothing wrong but wag their tails. Over the years, one disturbing account after another of a cop shooting an innocent

Cops and Their Sick Fascination with Gore

crime scene photo 1930

An article on the USA Today website, dated July 7, 2020, reports on a San San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deputy currently under investigation for sharing a doctored, vulgar photo of police murder victim, George Floyd. Although the officer in question, Deputy Mark Ritchie, has been temporarily reassigned while the investigation continues, I sincerely doubt

Choke Holds and Other Displays of Affection

In the news recently: “Many of those joining the more than two weeks of protests have been calling for a ban on chokeholds and other methods of restraint used by police.” One of the three main characters in my soon-to-be-released trilogy, #Crazy101, knows a thing or two about police chokeholds. While ‘Crazy 101’ is a

A Hostage Situation

There was a police barricade & hostage situation in San Jose yesterday. Three suspects were taken into custody. Obviously, those suspects arrested were citizens and not police officers. I remember when Officer Don Klomp of the Phoenix Police Department held me at gunpoint inside his home, threatening to kill me, refusing to let me leave.

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