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Cops, Guns, & Suicide

Silhouette of man with gun to head.

In today’s headlines: Chicago Deputy Police Chief Shoots Himself, Latest in Long History of Suicides at the Department. During my five years with the Phoenix Police Department, I lost count of the number of times cops either committed or threatened to commit suicide…and always by the same method: With a gun. Most incidents I recall

Background: Prologue

Phoenix PD Headquarters

I’m excited to announce today is the official launch of Book I of the CRAZY 101 Trilogy. I’ll be adding new chapters every Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 8 a.m., PDT. The first installment in this serialized book is the prologue which provides some perspective of the era in which the story is set. Below

Choke Holds and Other Displays of Affection

In the news recently: “Many of those joining the more than two weeks of protests have been calling for a ban on chokeholds and other methods of restraint used by police.” One of the three main characters in my soon-to-be-released trilogy, #Crazy101, knows a thing or two about police chokeholds. While ‘Crazy 101’ is a

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