Nude landscape with palm trees and airplane.

Marley’s first night sleeping with Dick had been a fitful one. After Dick had passed out cold on the bed, she had struggled to get his dead weight turned around and under the covers—the effort of doing strained her muscles and left her back aching when she finally crawled under the covers next to him. Years of sexual frustration followed her into the bed, biting and gnawing at her, denying her sleep. She counted sheep for what seemed like hours and had tallied well over a thousand of the woolly bitches before she finally nodded off—5 AM according to the illuminated alarm clock on Dick’s triple dresser.

She’d no sooner fallen asleep when she became vaguely aware of a dick—Dick’s dick—grinding up against her backside, poking and prodding her ass crack as it clumsily tried to find the entrance to her vagina. Marley was still trying to pull herself from slumber when the dick found her entry and began to ram repeatedly and haphazardly as it endeavored to force itself into her cavity. It was a tight fit, not because Dick was exceptionally large—he was, at best, average—but because Marley was exceptionally small; she even had difficulty getting a tampon inside her. But Dick’s dick was persistent; after much ramming and some natural lubrication from Marley, the “little engine that could” soon breached her exterior and was now sliding in and out like a well-oiled piston.

With the break of dawn came the realization that she, Marley, was getting fucked—finally—but without her consent or active participation. And wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of foreplay involved? Never mind any of that, she told herself, you’re finally getting fucked. Now, wake up!

Marley’s eyes sprang open, her body now wide awake and ready to join in the fun. She lifted her leg and reached back to pull his hips into her to give him easier access. Dick, in turn, responded with a mighty and singular thrust that was hard and deep and…


Marley felt his erection rapidly shrinking inside of her. In the span of a millisecond, it had lost all rigidity and slithered out. Marley’s vagina was not happy. It was angry. Pissed. The event of her lifetime was not as Marley’s fantasies had promised and her vagina was demanding a mulligan. Marley rolled over to face Dick, who was now softly sawing zees, oblivious to her vagina’s fury. She shook his arm.


Shook him again.

His snoring sputtered a bit but, still, nothing.

So she shook him again, harder. Really hard.

Dick flailed slightly as he woke. “Oh, you’re awake,” he mumbled…then fell instantly back to sleep.

Taking matters into her own hands, literally, Marley grabbed his sticky stub and started pumping it, willing it to respond…

It didn’t, and Dick’s snoring only grew louder with her efforts. After several minutes, she abandoned hope and fell back onto her pillow, defeated. Soon, she, too, fell asleep, eventually cast into a dream of her fantasy hockey player, Number 14, suckling at her breast. Her dream-self began to moan at the pleasure of his mouth on her nipple, at the tickling of his fingers as they snaked past her pubes and wriggled into her vagina, causing her to wince at their sand-paper roughness.

What? She’d never before imagined Number 14’s fingers as being so abrasive…

A jolt of realization shot through Marley: These weren’t Number 14’s fingers; they were Dick’s. He was awake! And, now, so was Marley, determined not to miss the replay her vagina had earlier demanded. She began to writhe and moan, despite the abrading discomfort of his fingers and his lack of digital finesse. Her goal was to let him know she was ready and (tired of) waiting for his hot, hard cucumber.

Dick responded as Marley had hoped, climbing on top of her tiny frame. She obliged him by lifting her legs aloft and wrapping them around his waist. Dick poked and rammed for what seemed to Marley forever, before finally plunging through, but through he was and the fucking she’d heretofore only dreamed of was about to commence. Slowly, Dick’s dick began to work as nature designed, pumping into her…once…twice…

“Ohhhhh gawwwd!” cried Dick. He collapsed down on Marley, compressing her lungs and burying her face in a jungle of chest hair. On the verge of asphyxiation, Marley struggled to push him off, but to no avail. Finally, when Marley’s lungs felt about to burst, he rolled off and onto his back, a look of satisfaction on his flushed face.

Is that it? thought Marley. She had to bite her tongue to avoid voicing her true thoughts and, hence, offending him but, goddamn it, she was now just as disappointed, and just as pissed, as her vagina. She wanted to slap him upside the head and scream: Really? Two pumps and you’re done? Is that all you’ve got, old man? Instead, she spit out the chest hair caught between her teeth, patted his chest, and not-so-subtly offered:

“My, that was…quick.”

“I’m sorry. Your body’s so hot, and you’re so tight, I couldn’t help it,” he said with all seriousness, then added, in jest, “It’s all your fault that I came so fast.”

If his words were meant to flatter, they fell a few light-years short. Marley gave him a withering look.

“It’ll get better, in time; I promise. Once the novelty’s worn off.” Dick grabbed hold of one of her breasts and gave it a playful squeeze before rolling out of bed. “Gotta pee…”

As Dick made his way to the bathroom, Marley saw the time on the alarm clock—6:20 AM—and bolted from the bed in a panic to find her clothes and get dressed. There wasn’t time to go home to shower and change for work, so she’d have to wear the same clothes she wore on their date the night before. Leaning over to put on her shoes, she could see a glint of metal in the nightstand’s drawer which was slightly ajar. It caught her eye and aroused her curiosity because it startled her—it looked like a gun. Marley opened the drawer an inch or two more…

Yes, it was a gun, a dainty .25-caliber pistol, small enough to fit in a purse or pants pocket. “The guy loves his guns,” Marley mumbled as she started to close the drawer…until something else caught her eye:

A framed photo of Totie, his ex-girlfriend.

Marley opened the drawer completely. Next to the photo was a greeting card, on its cover the landscape of a nude woman, a tropical isle of green fronds and palm trees covering her pubic mound. Inside, it read, “A little snatch of paradise awaits you.” There was also a personal note on the inside, written in a feminine hand:

Last night was incredible—you are such a wonderful lover.
Can’t wait to be in your arms again. Counting the hours...
Love you forever, 

The note was dated seven days prior. Marley stood staring at the card a while before her brain processed the full implication of it. Seven days prior would have been the previous Saturday, exactly one week ago. “Last night” would have been the Friday night Dick declined her ‘free dessert’ offer without providing any excuses. Seems he did have an excuse, after all: He was too busy fucking the girlfriend he’d told Marley he’d already broken up with.

The sound of the toilet flushing and the bathroom door opening signaled Dick’s return, causing Marley to jump and hurriedly stash the card back in the drawer…but she stopped herself and pulled the card back out. She deserved an explanation.

Still naked, Dick sauntered back into the bedroom, smiling, but pulled up short when he saw Totie’s card in Marley’s hand.

“Have you been snooping through my drawers?”

“It was just one drawer and it was already partly open.” Marley held the card out to him. “You told me you two had broken up.”

“That’s an old card. I forgot it was even in there. I meant to throw it away,” he said, as he reached for the card.

Marley pulled it back. “The card is dated from last Saturday, a week after you’d told me you’d broken up with her.”

Dick sputtered something unintelligible.

“You called me that same night and said you couldn’t come over to my place…I guess that’s because you already had plans to be with your girlfriend.”


Marley read from the card: “‘Last night was incredible—you are such a wonderful lover’—doesn’t sound like an ex to me.” She threw the card down, zipped up her dress, and started for the bedroom door, but Dick blocked her passage.

“Yes, my ex. I’d broken up with her by phone a few weeks ago but she kept calling me, insisting I owed it to her to see her one last time, to tell her face-to-face that it was over. That’s what last Friday night was all about. I went to her place to properly break up with her.”

“But you slept with her.”

“I got over to her house and she was dressed all sexy and had the lights down, the music going, the wine poured. It was all a trap to try to seduce me.

“Looks like it worked.”

“She was literally begging me, crying, even. It was pity sex, that’s all. I told her afterward that we were done, that that was the last time.”

“And yet her card says ‘Can’t wait to be in your arms again. Counting the hours.’”

“She’s having a hard time accepting it. She’s still hoping I’ll change my mind. But I’m with you now.”

“Wait, didn’t you tell me three weeks ago, in the breakroom, that it was a mutual breakup? That you both felt it was for the best? God, no wonder she looked so confused and acted so weird that day!” Marley pushed past Dick’s naked mass and raced into the living room, where she retrieved her purse. As she headed for the door, Dick caught her from behind and spun her around.

“It was mutual. We had both agreed that our relationship wasn’t working; she just hasn’t accepted that I’ve moved on, but she’ll have to because I’m with you now. You’re the one I want to be with, no one else.”

Despite his convoluted explanation and all the evidence telling her to dump this schmuck and run, Marley wanted to believe him, because to not believe him meant admitting that she was but a stupid little fool.

“I would never lie to you! You have to believe me!” He bent down and kissed her, desperately groping her body as he did.

Marley resisted but the strength of his passion overpowered her. She mumbled a weak protest, “I have to get to work.”

He was now fully erect and pulling up the skirt of her dress. Before she could protest again, Dick picked her up by her hips and pressed her back up against the door as he thrust into her, banging her spine into the wood as he fucked her, fucked her as hard as he could, trying with every thrust to convince her of his undying love.

Marley wrapped her arms around his neck and wept into his hair as he pounded her and cried out, over and over: “Say you love me! Say you love me!”

And Marley, finally getting the fucking she’d been aching for for so many long, lonely, and insufferable years, the fucking she’d imagined, nurtured, and relived through countless, untold fantasies…she, Marley Fahlstrom, who was finally getting fucked, deliriously cried out:

“I love you!”

Their stories continue…


The Communications basement is now notoriously known as the ‘harem room’—a sexual hunting ground for uniforms who routinely prey upon female civilian employees. Lina, Dee, and Marley are not spared. Their lives are upended and forever changed by the officers whom they have blindly trusted, and by a department that fails to protect them at every turn.


Lights dimmed to reduce stress and the seducing blue glow from computer monitors turns the Communications basement into a dark, underground cavern, now nicknamed the ‘Blue Grotto’ by the Com Ops. The seductive environ affects the Com Ops in unexpected ways: Lina, Dee, and Marley’s lives take vastly different paths, leading them each into unchartered, dangerous waters. But, in the end, the three reunite, brought together through tragedy and triumph in the shocking series conclusion.

Crazy 101 Trilogy

Soon to be released in ebook and paperback on
BOOK I — February 2021
BOOK II — March 2021
BOOK III — April 2021

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