Crazy 101 is a work of fiction inspired by true events. Mature content.

Birds do not sing in caves,
nor do doves cherish their innocence in dovecots.
Henry David Thoreau

Phoenix, 1980 – ’84: Phoenix PD’s first civilian Crime Stop Operators are now veterans in their jobs and in their battles with the cops who’ve used and abused them . . . but their battles are far from over.

After her fairy-tale romance turns into A Nightmare on Elm Street, Lina swears off cops forever. When another cop enters her life, she fights her attraction for him tooth and nail, but eventually succumbs. Will her surrender lead to a ‘happily ever after,’ or prove to be her Waterloo?

After a near-death car accident, Dee is back at work, grateful for the support of a married sergeant who saves her from homelessness — in exchange for her affection. But loving him comes with strings attached: She must choose between the man she loves and the child she lives for.

To escape her abuser, Marley flees into the arms of another officer, but too late learns he’s a married and notorious Lothario with a long history of disturbing behavior. Devastated, she returns to her abuser, vowing to somehow, someday, escape on her own terms. But at what cost?

Lights dimmed to reduce stress and the pervasive blue glow from computer monitors turns the 620 West basement into a dark and seductive cavern, bathing all within in azure. Lina, Dee, and Marley know only too well the dangers of its seduction, and of the risk of being forever trapped inside the soul-eating bowels of . . .

The Blue Grotto.

Crazy 101 Book III The Blue Grotto 3D book

Release date: APRIL 2021

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