Crazy 101 is a work of fiction inspired by true events. Mature content.

Innocence is thought charming because it offers
delightful possibilities for exploitation.
– Mason Cooley

Phoenix: Six months into their new jobs as police communications operators, Lina, Dee, and Marley find themselves on a fast track to romance, sex, and tragedy. Yet, despite all they’ve encountered, they still naively place their trust and faith in the men in blue.

Eighteen-year-old Lina survived a stalker and lost her virginity to a uniformed rapist. Living on her own and free from her father’s control, she now finds herself under the lecherous control of yet another powerful and much-older man…

No longer sexually frustrated, Marley is ready to retire both her crucifix and her hairbrush now that her cigar-chomping ride-along officer has swept her off her feet and into his bed. Who knew one could find love over an autopsy table?

A talking police car with a foot fetish. A super sleazy sergeant. A burglar wielding a screwdriver. Unflappable Dee took them all in stride, while still searching for her deadbeat husband. Now, a new man offers her a romantic detour and a painful lesson in race relations.

With the success of the first civilian Com Ops, more women are hired to replace the outgoing officers, all of them young, naïve, and pretty — and all easy prey for the uniforms that prowl the Communications Bureau’s Crime Stop room, now newly and salaciously christened…

The Harem Room.

3D book cover The Harem

Release date: February 2021

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