forest trees


From 1979 to 1984, the author worked for the Phoenix Police Department as a Communications Operator I (a.k.a., a Crime Stop operator). It is the author’s experiences, and the experiences of fellow Com Ops, that inspired the Crazy 101 trilogy.

After five years with the Phoenix P.D., the author returned to school to advance their education, obtaining B.S. and M.S. degrees in the life sciences. They subsequently moved to the San Fransisco Bay Area where they worked for several years in the booming biotech industry.

In 1994, the author suffered a serious back injury that required surgery and several long months of recuperation. During this time off work, they researched and outlined an ambitious writing project: the Crazy 101 trilogy. Unfortunately, their return to work and a life fraught with challenges forced the author to shelve the project indefinitely. Twenty-five years later, the author retired. With time now to spare, they revisited the project so long ago abandoned. Eighteen months and several bottles of wine later, the Crazy 101 trilogy was born.

The author and their partner of eighteen years live a quiet, secluded life in the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded by six acres of redwoods, a myriad of forest creatures, and one black-and-white feral cat named Cal.

M.F. Justice is a pen name, used to protect the identity of the author from certain individuals in their past.