crazy 101
The trilogy

1979: the Phoenix Police Department has controversially replaced the officers who answer the city’s emergency ‘Crime Stop’ lines with civilians. The PPD’s force of 1652 officers is 98% male; the handful of civilians hired at half the pay to replace them: 98% female.

Inspired by true events, Crazy 101 provides a voyeuristic peek into the lives and loves of three of these women—Catalina, Deirdre, and Marlette—all young and naïve, and all easy prey for the uniforms that prowl the Communications Bureau’s phone center.

A #MeToo moment forty years overdue, Crazy 101 is a tale of abuse, trauma, and sexual exploitation. Disturbingly honest, it exposes the misogyny, racism, and corruption within a police department that routinely protected its officers by sanctioning their depravity and whitewashing their crimes.

Funny, tragic, heartbreaking. Raw, carnal, and uncensored, Crazy 101 is an introduction to the never-ending insanity entrenched in the dark and seamy underbelly of American law enforcement.

Told in three parts, this page-turning saga will pull you into a world where the sane and the timid dare not go, and where only the strong survive. Will Catalina, Deirdre, and Marlette fall victim to the brutality and villainy of the men in blue, or will they, against all odds, survive to emerge defiant? The answer lies within the pages of the Crazy 101 Trilogy.

Crazy 101 is a work of fiction inspired by true events. Mature content.