A Hostage Situation

There was a police barricade & hostage situation in San Jose yesterday. Three suspects were taken into custody. Obviously, those suspects arrested were citizens and not police officers.

I remember when Officer Don Klomp of the Phoenix Police Department held me at gunpoint inside his home, threatening to kill me, refusing to let me leave. I remember all the squad cars parked out front, the swirling red and blue lights, the bullhorn, the calls to Klomp’s home phone from his lieutenant, talking to a severely drunk Klomp for what felt like an eternity before Klomp finally relented and released me. I remember, too, as I walked out the door, so relieved to be alive and free, how that same lieutenant and several officers converged on me as if I were the criminal, and the lieutenant’s unempathetic words telling me to “go home and leave the poor guy alone,” blaming me for Klomp’s criminal actions.

Later that same night, the lieutenant called my apartment to advise me he’d spent a couple hours talking to Officer Klomp after the siege had ended. “He’s a really good guy,” the lieutenant told me, then repeated “Why don’t you just leave him alone?” Thing is, I HAD left that bastard alone, had broken up with him weeks beforehand and then endured his harassment and stalking every single day since the breakup. Unlike the suspects in the San Jose hostage situation, Klomp was not arrested. Nor was he disciplined. He was back to patrolling the streets the very next day.

There’s more to this story, so much more, all of which is explicitly revealed in the Crazy 101 Trilogy, soon to be serialized on the Crazy 101 website. The point of this post is to point out the gross inequalities between police officers and citizens. Any citizen who commits such felonies–unlawful imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, threats of death or bodily injury–would be arrested, charged, and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. But officers are immune to the very laws by which they hold all others accountable. Protected by their department, their unions, their fellow officers, they can and do get away with any number of felonies, including murder. This. Needs. To. Change. #PoliceReform #Crazy101

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